Fanboard & Top 3 Fans


The Fanboard shows the top 20 fans. These are the users who interacted most on the app in the last 7 days, so if you want to be featured, make sure to stay active on the app as much as possible (write comments, watch videos, interact with others, share posts to social media).

See where you rank

To see where you rank:

1.      Go to Menu.

2.      Select Fanboard.

3.      Scroll through the list to see your ranking. If you’re not in the top 20, your ranking will be listed at the bottom of the list.

Fanboard & Top 3 Fans

Fanboard rankings are determined by your activity on the app in the last 7 days. They’re different from being one of the Top 3 Fans of a post, which are determined by Superstar boosts and are specific to that post.

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