Login & Logout

Log in to your account

On iOS:
1.     Go to the app’s Menu.
2.     Tap Login.
3.     Log in with phone number or Facebook.

On Android:
1.       Go to the app’s Menu
2.       Tap Login
3.       Log in with phone number, Facebook or Google.

Log in with your phone number:

1.       Enter your phone number

2.       Enter the verification code (sent via SMS)

3.       Create a username and upload your profile picture

Please note that your username cannot be changed when using phone login.

Log out of your account

1.      Go to the app’s Menu.

2.      Tap Logout.

Troubleshooting: Login

On iOS:

1.      Make sure you've updated your app to the latest version in App Store.

2.      Uninstall and reinstall the app on your device (even if you have the latest version). 

3.      Make sure you're using the same account to log in.

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