Use Stars

Stars can be used to boost your comments up on an in-app feed post, become a Top 3 Fan, and be seen by your favorite celebrity. Each boost is 1 Superstar. 1 Superstar equals 10 Stars.


See your total number of Stars

The star icon at the top of the screen lists the number of Stars you currently have.

See your Star purchase history

To see your Star purchase history, click on the Menu > Stars > History.

See your Star redemptions

To see your past Star redemptions, click on the Menu > Stars > Redemptions.

Transferring Stars

Stars cannot be transferred from one app user to another or between different operating systems.

Save your Stars

To protect your Stars history when you change devices or reinstall the app, do the following:

1.      Go to Menu.

2.      Select Settings.

3.      Select Save my Stars.

Check for 1 stream for both OS – “Protect My Stars”

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