What are Stars? How do I get them?

What are Stars? 
Stars are used to boost comment as well as personal ranking on any in-app post. The higher your ranking is in a post, the more chance you will be seen by the artist and other fans.

When you boost a comment in a FanFeed post, you’re also adding Stars to that FanFeed post creator’s account.

How do I check my stars?
See how many Stars you have next to the Star icon at the top of the app’s homepage.

How do I use Stars?
The boosting option will pop whenever you post a comment, simply click on one of the boosting options.
Become a Top 3 Fan and be seen by your favorite celebrity. Top fans also increase their chances of winning FREE giveaways or meet-and-greets in exclusive contests.
You can boost other fans as well. Boosting a fan on a Feed post helps them be seen, while boosting their FanFeed posts earns them more Stars while probably earning you a new friend.

Each boost is 1 Superstar. 1 Superstar equals 10 Stars.

How do I get Stars?
Here are all the ways in which you can get more Stars:

1. Earn them by being active on the app; write comments, watch videos, interact with others, and just have fun!

2. Create quality posts in the FanFeed. Any Stars used to boost your FanFeed post will directly be added to your account.

Purchase Stars by tapping on the Star icon at the top of the feed page or Stars in the app’s menu.    

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