What happens once I complete my purchase?

Confirmation email

You will receive an confirmation email with a download link to the item you purchased.

Download link

A download link is available digital content items such as App Content of the Week, Personal Shout-Outs, and Personalized Video Greets. Please note the link is valid for one-time use only.

The file can be downloaded from different systems and devices:


(unzip software required)

  1. Go to zipped file on Dropbox and press “export”
  2. Choose unzip software and view the files on the software


1. Tap the download link

2. Tap on file just downloaded

3. Choose file to view


1. Click the download link

2. Click “Download”

3. The file will be extracted automatically


1. Click the download link

2. Click “Download”

3. A zipped file will download

4. Unzip to access your purchased item

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